About Us

Angel of Mine Jewellery has grown out of my love of jewellery making, and my love for my little angels that became part of my life through miscarriage and stillbirth. We all have ANGELS in our life whether they be our little ones in heaven that have gone too soon, our loved ones here or those no longer with us, or our special friends that we consider to be our Angels because they look after us when we need them the most! I’ve always LOVED being creative!! I started out doing a design degree and went on to set up and run my own wedding tiara business for over 10 yrs! But my making passion took a turn after losing Adam and I found myself making jewellery with his name on to help him feel closer. I made many more pieces of jewellery for other mum’s and found my passion. Yes I love weddings but being able to help a heartbroken mother have her little one feel that bit closer through wearing his or her name means so much more.

I have several Angels in my life through special friends & family. I have also been blessed with 2 beautiful boys but there will always be others missing. After suffering 2 miscarriages, our little Adam Lee was stillborn 10 years ago at 31 wks into my pregnancy. SANDS became a huge part of our lives and helped us through a very difficult time.

I spend my days running my jewellery collection and the Heart in their Hand Project which offers special hearts to bereaved families. Of course this is around my stroppy teenager and my gorgeous but cheeky Benjamin! I take pride in every piece I make from start to finish. I spend time sanding, polishing and adding a hole to each blank. I then carefully stamp every individual letter and symbol by hand until the main bulk of the design is done, transforming the plain blank into something shiny and precious. I then add some crystals if needed and the little jump ring along with the clasp or necklace. Each item is totally unique and precious just like the Angels in our life!!

We all have Angels in one form or other, some here and some that sadly aren’t and my collection is to honour them and to be able to wear with pride, something with their name on.

Much Love,
Cathy @ Angel of Mine Jewellery