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Heart in their Hand


A gift from one bereaved family to another

You may hold my hand for a moment, but you'll hold my heart forever...


‘Heart in their Hand’ is a beautiful project which offers parents a gift that is shared with their baby and in turn parents can 'pay it forward' by donating the same gift to other bereaved parents. The keepsake heart can be placed in the baby’s hand or blanket when saying goodbye and the keyring is taken home as a beautiful reminder of the connection shared. 


*Nominated for Cherished Keepsake 2017*



If you would like to participate in the Heart in their Hand project you can choose to buy the keyring gifts for 5, 10 or 25 families, sharing the project with even more families and sending a gift of love at such a devastating time.

Choose little details like the phrase and colour of ribbon and each gift is placed inside a clear cellophane bag.




Each order of gifts can also include a special little message on the back of the display card that says:

“Donated with love in Memory of ….”




If you have been a recipient of the Heart in their Hand Project, we hope that it has brought comfort to you at this devastating time. No parent should have to say goodbye to their much loved and wanted baby and we hope you are surrounded by love and support. To learn more about the various support available to those that have lost a baby please click here

The project offers you the chance to ‘pay if forward’ to other families that will go on to follow you on this journey.




When you order the gifts you can choose to have them sent to your home address where you can then hand deliver them to your local hospital. We will also provide a letter that you can give to the bereavement midwife or chaplain explaining how the gifts are used. You may choose to donate the gifts on a special anniversary date or birthday which is a lovely way to honour your own baby.

Alternatively, when you order you can choose to have them sent directly to the hospital and again, we will provide a letter explaining what the gifts are. You will need to provide the Bereavement Midwife or Chaplain’s details and full address of the hospital.

Thankfully there are many local support groups and charities to help support parents which can be a huge help along the bereavement journey. If you have a local support network that provides items and support to the local hospital, then we encourage you to let them know about the project and work together to reach more families.

50p from every keyring gift ordered on the website will be donated to the Research & Prevention Fund at Sands (Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Charity).





Baby loss charities often provide memory boxes for parents to create as many memories as possible in the short time they have, before saying goodbye. These Memory Boxes are precious and can help so much when leaving the hospital empty handed. 

The Heart in their Hand project is a pay it forward project for bereaved parents to help other bereaved parents by offering a gift of love at such a devastating time and works beautifully alongside precious memory boxes. 

If you are a charity that provides memory boxes and would like to consider including these gifts then click here, we’d love to hear from you.


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